Our Customers

boat on trailerNo, this isn’t going to be a list of our customers’ names and email addresses. most of them are private individuals who prefer to stay out of the limelight. Without good boat owners, no boatbuilding business can survive for very long. We’ve been very lucky to have restored a long list of boats that have great owners.

Looking over this diverse group of people, a number of striking similarities jump out.

  • These owners have had the vision to imagine the final product, despite the typically deteriorated condition of the hulls they began with, a number of which have quite literally been basket cases.
  • They have insisted on the work being done carefully, well-researched, to the highest standards, and using the best materials, even when that has meant doing the project in stages to accommodate available finances.
  • They have all placed the best interests of their boats ahead of their own interests. These owners invariably see themselves as caretakers of pieces of Americana that are almost always older than they are. And just as invariably, they intend to pass those boats on to their next owners in better condition than they received them. “Do what’s best for the boat” has usually been our marching order.
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